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I'm Yumi Ely, and I'm  excited to have this opportunity to open the doors to my journey and welcome you in. From my earliest memories, there's been an unwavering flame for improvement. I believe life is centered around beauty, growth, and creating wholeness. To bring healing to the chaos of my own childhood, I embarked on an academic path to understand and apply Behavioral Science and Psychology. 

Over the past 25 years, I've committed to a life of serving, guiding, and empowering others. It's been an incredible journey of training, teaching, mentoring, and coaching - each role a building block of expertise. Countless hours  were invested traversing the country to learn from the best and gain wisdom from those whose knowledge and insight I share with you now.

I believe expertise is rooted not just in a strong academic base but in lived experience. Wisdom is not only derived from books, but from walking through the fire of challenges and emerging stronger. As you delve into this platform, you'll quickly realize that my approach is anchored in unwavering support, deep trust, and a foundation of strong character.  Partnering with you on this journey of self-discovery and growth is a great honor. You will unearth your potential, navigate challenges, and transform hurdles into stepping stones for a fulfilling life.

Grateful to join your journey, standing beside you on this transformative path. Eager to support you and celebrate your victories, big or small.  Looking forward to the chapters we'll write together.

All my best, 

Yumi Ely

Ready to embark on your transformation?

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