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  • Overthinking and Anxiety Workbook (75 pages)

    Are you a coach who’s looking to improve your overthinking, emotional regulation and reduce anxious thought patterns? 

    It contains 22 exercises (with clear explanations on how to use them) that help you become more aware of your overthinking patterns, counter anxious thoughts, deal with uncertainty, and set better goals.


    List of Coaching Tools Included:

    Exercises to Manage Overthinking & Anxiety

    • Behavioral Experiment
    • Beliefs & Outcomes
    • Cognitive Distortions
    • Coping Strategies
    • Dealing with Uncertainty
    • Journaling
    • Monitoring Self Talk
    • Overthinking Awareness
    • Reframe What If
    • The ABC Model
    • The Art of Good Enough
    • The Opposite Action
    • What Do You Value
    • Window of Tolerance
    • Write Your Story

    Prioritizing and Goal Setting Exercises

    • SMART Goals
    • The Task Priority Matrix
    • The Why-Based Plans (+Planners)

    Relaxation Techniques

    • Breathing Exercises
    • Guided Meditation (MP3) 
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