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The Worry Jar
  • The Worry Jar

    About the Worry Jar


    The Worry Jar is a simple yet powerful mental health tool that allows you to manage your anxieties more effectively. The concept involves writing down your worries on pieces of paper and placing them into a designated jar (a piece of paper in this case), essentially externalizing your anxieties. 


    This practice not only helps in offloading stress but can also assist in categorizing your worries into three distinct groups. The first category, "Action," includes worries you can directly address and solve. These are the concerns where you have the power to change the situation. 

    The second category, "Reflect," comprises worries that require further thought and introspection, but where action may not be immediately clear or possible. 

    The final category, "Accept," includes worries that are beyond your control, such as global events or uncertainties about the future. 


    For these, acceptance and stress management techniques can be more helpful than seeking solutions. This way, the Worry Jar method aids in understanding and dealing with your worries more efficiently, fostering a healthier mental state.

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