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About Us

Yumi is Certified Professional and Life Coach, with over 25 years in mentoring, teaching, and coaching, Yumi's primary mission has been to unleash the unparalleled brilliance within each individual, paving a path to extraordinary lives while creating legacies of exceptional emotional and spiritual wealth. We assist individuals in cultivating self-actualization, fostering personal growth, and unlocking their inner resilience to achieve their goals. Embark on your transformation journey with our tailored strategies for precision and purpose. Accountability, our cornerstone, keeps you motivated, consistent, and fully committed to your success. Our highest aim is for you to lead a fulfilling life and create a legacy that surpasses genetic heritage and financial wealth. Your personal transformation journey ripples through to fortify and empower the next generation, setting them on a path to even greater success.

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Our Coaching Packages


At Yumi's Life Coaching, we believe that true progress happens when you're surrounded by a support system that understands your struggles. That's why we offer group coaching sessions that are tailor-made to help individuals connect with others who share similar goals. Our comprehensive programs, such as overthinking and anxiety, self discovery, stress management and relationship improvement, come complete with worksheets to maximize your progress and encourage long-term growth.


Transformative Toolbox Coaching is here to help you make lasting changes in your life. Our 9-week programs are tailored to different aspects of self-improvement, such as Wellness, Mindset, Retirement Vision, Mid-life Reset and Relationship Tune-ups. With our interactive e-worksbooks you'll receive support every step of the way. Prepare to dedicate the upcoming 9 weeks and experience the transformation of your personal growth and experience the remarkable outcomes of our coaching program.


Our individual one-on-one coaching program stands as an immersive journey dedicated to your personal growth and success. Each person's path is unique, which is why we tailor our guidance to your distinct aspirations, challenges, and dreams. You'll receive meticulously designed strategies and unwavering support, ensuring that you embark on your transformation journey with precision and purpose. Accountability becomes the cornerstone of your success as we provide and ensure that you remain motivated, consistent, and committed to achieving your goals.

Your Personal Growth and Discovery Starts Here

Testimonials from Our Clients
Basket and Wild Flowers
-Denise D, Upstate New York
Enneagram Coach

"Yumi helps you move beyond the surface by taking a layer approach to coaching. With her warm, non-judgemental presence, she invites you to consider alternative perspectives, providing clarity and growth.  Whether in a season of transition, or just needing some direction, I highly recommend working with Yumi!"  

Mid-life Reset Coaching
man riding bike with backpack
-Adam D. St. Louis Park, MN
Financial Planning Industry, CFP

"Yumi's coaching has had a tremendous impact on how I view and handle the challenges and mental roadblocks of life.  She has an amazing gift to be able to listen, identify and challenge me to be the best version of myself. Yumi has helped me discover a variety of perspectives and tools to use during these challenging situations."

Mindset Coaching

More Testimonials

Summer Fun
- Mary E. M., Nashville, TN
Entrepreneur, Travel Industry

"Yumi was destined to be a life coach - her gift is undeniable! Her compassionate yet straightforward approach created a safe space for me to explore and uncover the root causes of my frustration and guilt.I gained practical, measurable steps rather than mere ideas, which I am actively implementing. I wholeheartedly endorse Yumi! and I'm grateful for her."

Relationship Coaching 

Unlock Your Personal Growth with Our Complimentary Tools

Our carefully crafted worksheets and workbooks are designed to empower you on your journey to personal growth.  Download them and receive clarify on your goals, values, and priorities. 

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